Food Parcels & Outreach

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The work of the outreach team continues as strongly as ever. Our work with the food parcels continues thanks to the generosity of individuals, Castlehill Church, Ailsa Hospital, Tesco & Asda supermarkets. Due to this support we have been able to provide seventy-four crisis food parcels since mid - June. Our aim is not only to give out parcels but to encourage applicants to take advantage of one to one sessions on budgeting. In addition we are now providing help with home economics in the form of basic cooking lessons, using the ingredients supplied in our standard crisis food parcels.
Agnes Smith
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Amsterdam Staff Songsters Bring Blessing

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The Amsterdam Staff Songsters under the leadership of Roel van Kesteren was the sole representative of the sections participating in the Boundless Congress to visit Scotland. Ayr Corps was happy to welcome them on June 27th & 28th for a weekend of praise and worship.
Preceding the programmes on Saturday and Sunday evenings a capacity congregation of Salvationists and friends gathering from all over Scotland created a happy atmosphere as they met and greeted one another.

The songsters (singing in perfect English) provided varied programmes which were both musically excellent and spiritually uplifting. Powerful words included in opening song 'Our God is Great' proved to be a theme throughout the weekend. During the singing of 'Boundless' the Ayr Songster flag was waved by a songster, this was an emotional moment for many and also affirmation of the 'together we are one' slogan on casual uniform worn by songsters.

The meeting on Sunday morning was led by Major Donna Evans. Singing of the songsters, personal testimony by songster Nathan Sudmeier and a contribution from Ayr Band playing 'Prayer of Vision' brought many blessings which were evident when seekers knelt at the Mercy Seat. These were indeed very precious moments.

A visit to Alloway gave the songsters an opportunity to see Robert Burns cottage and birthplace museum where they presented an exciting musical programme. This was very well received by all who listened.

In the early evening the Songsters led another musical festival entitled 'Celebration Praise'. They were joined by the Scotland Fellowship Band. Among music played by the band was the march 'Celebration' appropriate for the occasion.
'I surrender all', I'm singing', 'Disciples of the Cross', 'Guardian of my soul' were among songs sung by Songsters.

The following Inspired words included in songs used reinforced the spiritually uplifting message of the weekend,

God is just, God is awesome, God is faithful, God is like no other, God is Great!
God is good, God is glorious.
With Him we should not fail, With Him we will prevail.
There is NOTHING greater than the love of God.

A Burt Bacharach number arranged by Joy Rouse and sung by the songsters is a message that the world needs to hear. If it were possible to wrap these words around the world during these troubled times, what a different world there would be.

'What the world needs now is love sweet love It's the only thing that there's just too little of.
What the world needs now is love sweet love No not just for some but for everyone.'

It was evident from the commencement of the weekend right through to an evening meal for the songsters and Corps people at the end of the weekend that love for people and love of God was prevalent in the lives of the Amsterdam Staff Songsters. May their contributions at 'Boundless' be well received and may their love radiate to all those who listen.

Traveling with the songsters was Gillian Pomering who is employed at the Music Ministries Unit. Gillian is Deputy Songster Leader at Regent Hall Corps. A number of years ago Gillian (Graham) lived in Prestwick and was a soldier at Ayr Corps. It was good that Gillian was able to come home and point out local beauty spots to the songsters.

Christine Macdonald