March 2015

Inspiring ISB Weekend

ISB-Ayr March 2015-28

Give God the Glory

The eagerly awaited visit of the International Staff Band to Ayr had arrived. Unpredictable spring weather of rain and wind meant that plans for open air had to be cancelled although many shoppers and shop staff listened as the band played under cover in the Central shopping arcade. The rain then eased long enough for the band to march through High Street to Ayr Town Hall. A Civic reception hosted by the council and in the presence of the Provost followed the March of Witness.

Bandmaster Stephen Cobb's choice of music was varied and appealed in different ways to the almost capacity audience in Ayr Town Hall. Included in this interesting programme was 'The Old Wells' by Eric Ball contrasting with 'Inclusion' by Paul Sharman and 'Music of a Legacy' by Steven Ponsford. An arrangement for flugel horn of the now popular Eric Whitacre's 'The Seal Lullaby' by Paul Sharman was very well received. Thrilling conclusion to the evening was the brilliant playing of Paul Lovatt-Cooper's 'Fire in the Blood'.

Another musical festival by the band supported by the Salvation Army Ayr Community Choir was held on Sunday afternoon in the Ayr Community Church. This event was well supported by representatives from many other Corps. Music presented was again varied from 'Las Lluvias Grandes' by Peter Graham to 'The Long Cloud of Witnesses' by Kenneth Downie,

Music on Sunday morning included a band song 'When Jesus looked o'er Galilee' and Ayr Songsters singing 'Your Grace still amazes me'. The band's excellent playing of 'Just as I am' preceded message led by the band's executive officer Major Mark Herbert. Praise, worship and devotional contributions throughout the weekend brought blessing and challenge. The encouragement received from all the contributions presented during weekend gives Ayr Corps incentive to go 'Marching on' and for this we give God the Glory!

Photographs of the weekend's activities are available here.
Christine Macdonald