The Salvation Army in Ayr serves the South Ayrshire area through a variety of community oriented programmes. Our organization seeks to help others regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, age, or any other factor, because we are motivated by our Christian beliefs.

When people need help, The Salvation Army is there, doing the most good, so that our neighbours in need can retain their dignity while still receiving assistance that they need.

Some information provided by our Community Care Ministries Team:

Food parcels are requested by needy and vulnerable people at the rate of about 40 per month. This year we are working with a range of churches including Riverside Church and Ayr Free Church, distributing parcels to the needy and vulnerable. Food parcels are also distributed from temporary accommodation in Russell Street generally by recommendation from Social Workers, Care Workers or the
Homeless Unit in Kyle Street.

Recovery Café: Working with partner organizations including Riverside Church, South Ayrshire Council and the NHS, this facility will support people seeking to reintegrate themselves into the community. See for more information.

Developments in the near future will include the establishment of a Community Café, a Work Club, an Older People's Activity Centre and many other activities from our premises in John Street.